PageAbout Scaldopack

Scaldopack is company specialized in pouch handling. We make advanced pouch handling machines to spout, fill and cap stand up-pouches. Our philosophy is to deliver high quality machines that product the highest quality with minimal default. Our high quality combined with advanced mechatronics leads to high speed machine delivering outstanding repeatability.

Ecology & Change-over

Ecology and minimal down time go hand in hand at Scaldopack. Almost every movement is handled by electronic motors = low energy consumption and no waste of energy. Compared to most conventional machine on the market we consume only ┬╝ of energy to deliver the same product. Having so much precise positioning motors gives us the advantage of managing a big part of the changeover.


Scaldopack is founded by Harald Saelens & Henno Hensen. The vast know how of pouch handling of Mr. Hensen has been combined with the knowledge of chemicals to develop Self-heating and Self-Cooling pouches.

Conventional machines available on the market cannot deliver the repeatability required to make self-heating packages that is needed to deliver consistent good products evert time.

So old knowledge of what is important to make great pouches is combined with modern mechatronic designed. This combination is lead us to develop our own line of machines delivering to the latest and highest stand of pouch spouting and filling.

Evolving into a machine developer/producer we have pushed to the background our self-heating and self-cooling products. Now we can provide the all machines and necessary to make self-heating and cooling packaging.

Now Scaldopack only focuses on building advanced machines as presented in our product line. Having a team of engineers and in-house production capacity we are able to provide every client with all his specific needs to deliver the best possible solution for every client.


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