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Smart Filler

Small Advanced Tabletop Spouted Pouch Filler

Filling pre-made pouches through the spout and capping them. This “smart” machine can be custom built with a range of different options.

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Monofiller Stepper

The Monofiller Stepper is an entry level machine that can fill 10-20 packs per minute through the spout. This machine is used in the food and non-food industry and it can handle high viscous products and products with particles.


  • High quality fill trough the spout filling
  • Entry level
  • 10-20 Packs per minute through the spout
  • Food and non food applications
  • Can handle high viscous products and products with particles
  • Fully accessable from the front easy handling
  • Vertical capping
  • 230V only
  • Fully fron accesable
  • Alle movements are servo controlled

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Monofiller is a 100% servo controlled spout filling machine. This machine fills pre-spouted pouches through the spout and caps them.

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Octo-One base machine

The OCTO-One is a module based machine that can be set-up as a spout-inserter, filler, capper  sealer or a combination. This machine is built on a high technological platform, to accommodate many personalization.

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The quarto-lab machine is our full servo driven lab-machine that is manually loaded. This machine seals and handles the pouch in an same way as our full production machines. This gives you an identical product on a manual production scale.

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MONOPLEX Ecological system allowing the use of 100% recyclable material. By applying our Monoplex system to conventional machines, your filling machine can now handle mono-material films. Monoplex is a patent pending sealing jaw coating that with addition of electrostatic charges cleans itself eliminating any molten PE/PP build up. Providing perfect sealing jaws for mono-material sealing. This system eliminates cleaning time and increases tool life of your sealing jaws.

NO PE material build up =

  • cleaner sealed pouch
  • consisted product every time
  • reduced machine down time as no tool cleaning is required
  • no more teflon tape
  • longer tool life
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Industry 4.0

Scaldopack has developed a machine database that is logging every process ever actuated by the machine linked to every single pouch entering the machine.

Some examples; production batch; seal temperature; product temperature; sealing performance; downtime.

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