MachineSmart Filler

Smart Filler

Small Advanced Tabletop Spouted Pouch Filler

Filling pre-made pouches through the spout and capping them. This “smart” machine can be custom built with a range of different options.

Several applications:

  • Small to medium size productions (using products such as e.g.: liquids, powders, gels, creams, …)
  • Laboratory applications
  • Marketing campaigns

Some technical USP’s:

  • Due to its simple manual loading, the machine is capable of filling several different spout and cap sizes and designs.
  • The SMART FILLER can be equipped with lobe, gear, peristaltic or piston pumps.
  • Built in air compressor option and therefore no compressed air supply required.

Different versions are available:

  • Entry level with one filling position
  • 2 position filler with automatic cap pickup and tightening.


Depending on the operator, this machine can achieve a speed of up to 15 pouches per minute, depending upon volume, spout size and type of product.


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